Your purchase contributes to the good

The strength of small things 💫

This approach was already in force discreetly, but I decided to mention it humbly. I have chosen that each order placed on be used to contribute to various causes. Part of the profits is thus allocated to the financing of actions carried out by associations, without any additional cost or price increase for you.

I take care to select trustworthy associations, whose sole objective is mutual aid, without any interest hidden behind. There is no question of flattering your sensitive hearts or manipulating your feelings for any recognition or fame.

One thing is certain: our modest contributions will turn into mountains of benefits, and that is invaluable to me. Every penny is precious, believe me, and every donation you make will count towards your very own good deeds meter, which will be yours forever, forever.

My philosophy of life: Do good in little bits, where you are and without anyone knowing. Because it is all these little bits of good, once assembled, that transform the world.

With love,
Layli.G - Founder of the brand