Who is Layli?

Where it all started for her...

Natural care and organic cosmetics

Layli is first of all a person like you who has decided to gradually travel towards naturalness , minimalism and the simple things in life.
Having become a follower of natural care for almost 10 years, she noticed that her skin and her hair began to change: more beautiful skin , smoother , less dull and incredibly supple and hydrated hair.

The sharing

Over time, a question arose for her: "Why not offer others what worked for me? Help them find effective solutions while preserving their health?"
It was in 2019 that she decided to launch her brand of natural and organic products.
Products and ingredients that she has selected herself from cooperatives (some of them have received several awards for the high quality of their products) in order to offer you a range of beautiful and high quality.
Concerned about detail, she wanted to create a sober and minimalist packaging to stay in what she has always loved: purity, sobriety and elegance without overdoing it.

Organic royal elixir natural product with royal jelly honey and organic saffron natural and organic cosmetics

A few key steps

1 - The birth of Layli

Founded by Layli, originally from Avignon in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, his Layli brand was born in 2018. The company was launched with the aim of making the world of natural and effective organic products known to as many people as possible. number.

2 - A close-knit community

Layli quickly met with success and in just a few years became a nice little family business. His secret? A careful selection of its products, a very attentive team, and knowledge transmitted by e-mail to its subscribers, but also on its blog and social networks. A beautiful caring community that encourages and supports us.

4 - A warehouse in the Paris region

We have a super logistician recognized to deliver our products in the best possible conditions and as quickly as possible. More than 1000 products are in stock in our warehouse and can be shipped to all countries in the world.

5 - Improved products

We always try to find improvements on each of our products to make them exceptional and quality pieces.

6 - Nice donations every month

When you buy on Layli.fr, you help various causes. Indeed, part of the profits finance the action of an association chosen each month, without any additional cost for you or increase in price .

🤍 His philosophy of life: " Do good in little bits, where you are. Because it is all these little bits of good, once assembled, that transform the world."

Her values

Layli natural and organic cosmetics

Suggest what she likes and what works
Cosmetics not tested on animals
Promote recyclable packaging with food PET and glass
Make sure to have the most natural products possible
Want others to take care of them without putting their health at risk
Layli is imperfect at times, but does her best to improve to keep you happy.

    Finally, Layli's word

      "What if we abandon the superfluous once and for all and return to the simple and effective products of our ancestors? Let's take the opposite view of all these manufacturers who sell us products that are harmful to our health and show them that simplicity and naturalness are our strengths ! "
      She will conclude her story with her favorite motto: "I love for you what I love for myself."
      Layli and her little team send you lots of love 🤍